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No, I didn’t mean Jason Licht.

I meant Mike Greenberg. The team’s “capologist”.

He’s done a great job managing these salaries and maximizing the limited cap space that we have.

And, his ability to bring back the greatest linebacker to wear a Buc’s uniform since Brooks, in the capacity that he did…is phenomenal IMO.

Now, let’s see if he can complete the trifecta with Shaq.


Oh lord, help this man!

Y’all licht haters have no limit when it comes to your denial!

I mean I seriously wish I lived in this reality where general managers aren’t responsible for the construction of their own rosters, or where you draft a middle linebacker for #1 pass defense… must be in Fiji or somewhere like that!

Guess I’ll ask you the same question I just asked Hockey Duckie, would you blame Mike Greenberg or Jason licht had we dropped the ball on LVD54?

Amazes me how everything negative is lichts fault, yet everything Positive is Greenberg or Brady’s doing.