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Jensen does things that don’t show up in statistics.


2nd Q of Super Bowl, Bucs leading 7-3. Bucs on their 33 facing 3rd and 7.

Jensen goes up to Chris Jones, says something to him and gives him a little shove. Jones
retaliates and the ref throws a flag on Jones. The camera goes to Brady who has a big smile
his face because Jensen just got him a 1st down.

Very next play Evans is running free thru the KC secondary, a 10 yd pass and Evans takes the ball
to the KC 20.

It could be that the KC defense was just a bit down, which allowed Evans to run free,
because they just gave away a 1st down.

Jensen is hated by defensive line men, and he works on cultivating their hatred. The defense is quick to react to Jensen because they hate him so much. On the above play, Jensen took a calculated risk (the ref wouldn’t notice him) and it paid off.

Brady loves Jensen’s psychological play.

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