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Giving yourself too much credit?

I kid ….

Joke >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Your jokes suck and are lame. I doubt anyone has ever told you that you are even close to funny, but if they did – they lied to you.

At least we didnt try to cancel a free and fair election.

I must have misremembered all of the “Russian Collusion” bullshit and corresponding investigations/impeachments from the Freedom-loving Democrats over the last four years about the 2016 free and fair election.

Sorry you can’t call strangers a “fag” and have it be ok…

Will you survive?

We’ve had this discussion before, Mr. Mayor. So-called hate speech is free speech, no matter how vile and disgusting that free speech may be. But free speech is something the freedom-loving Democratic Party doesn’t stand for. They stand for pre-approved free speech, which isn’t free speech at all.

lolz @ the Party of Freedom from the useful idiots.