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It’s somewhat fascinating that you can tell who actually understands the game and who doesn’t by their views on Jensen. Those who don’t rely on new age, frivolous analytics and want to crucify the man based on that, while people who get it see him for what he is – an aggressive, tone-setting, nasty in the trenches, leader. Many formers player(see Jeff Saturday, et all) actually consider him the very best center in the league. Offensive line play very much has to do with cohesion, and so many want to remove the glue directly from the middle of this line, just as it comes into its own. I really don’t see the purpose for constantly harping on this, other than trying to have a pseudo-intellectual hot take, being a GM/emperor in your own mind. Pathetic. Also a shame this had to poison a thread celebrating the deserved return of an all time great buc, as is has so many others. Completely unrelated.

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