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Bucs are not prioritizing anything but signing our guys back, maybe adding one or two surprise free agents who are ring chasing, and winning next year. Their TE room, after Gronk signs, is still the deepest in the league. Auclair, Gronk, OJ, Brate. That’s a lot of weapons at that spot, and Hudson is an upside Move-type tight end that Brady likes. Another Cam Brate basically.

They will draft a running back to replace Fournette who is definitely not coming back. His big plays in the post season set him up for a decent payday…his attitude was good even after getting benched. He was told he could be a part of something special if he stuck around and improved his practices, and he did and it oaid off for everyone. He should get a solid deal for a second contract running back, but the Bucs cannot afford having two one dimensional backs at that price.