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“But there were plenty of times where he was just going through the motions out there.”

So does JPP JC. When you know you’re going to be playing extra reps, especially when Vea was out, I don’t blame those guys for pacing themselves. Also, consider what their assignment was on each play …. that’s part what separates “Red Board GM”s from those with a good eye for breaking down/ analyzing tape.

I still believe it’s difficult to replace ‘the girl named Suh’, especially when he’s paired with the big Vita. Suh’s obviously not at his peak anymore, but from what I see, he’s more than likely got enough left in the tank for at least another season or two.

Here’s an additional observation to get things stirred up – Lavonte David showed some signs of slowing down during the playoff run. Maybe he was just nicked up and/or his mind/ body wasn’t allowing him to go full speed, which is OK. He’s had a long, fantastic career thus far, and it’s great that he’ll be back; I’m not being critical, it is what it is. He may need to change his conditioning, maybe even go TB12 because Geritol prolly ain’t gonna do it.