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Their ability to sign other FAs will be related to how much a Shaq contract as well as Gronk and Suh leaves them with, and how much they want to or are able to redo other players. For example, you may not want to extend Howard. You may not want to extend Smith at $20 mil or whatever you’ll have to give him for 2022. He’s a starting LT. Gronk and Suh may not want to take deals that are too team friendly just so Shaq can break the bank. All in all, I don’t get the feeling there will be more than a few pennies left when its all said and done.

So as for drafting a TE, all I’m saying is that don’t be surprised if the Bucs draft a TE on Day 1 or Day 2 of this draft. When you look at it our strong TE situation is somewhat of a mirage. Gronk will be back on a year to year basis. Do you want to pay injury prone Howard $6 mil? If not you trade him for a late draft pick. Are you willing to pony up for Brate with his current deal? If not you are going to have to let him go elsewhere.