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All I’m saying is that I started this one thread…… You’ve got hundreds. Why do you feel the need to pretend to participate in this one thread?

And then to top it off….. after all the effort I put in to being on point in this one thread and you pretend you don’t understand. Where is DC when you actually want him? I know what the threads about because I started it…. unlike you I start threads to bring interesting topics to the attention of everyone. I consider it a public service. And I do like to get into it. Do you find it at all interesting that I’m being a mean bully and daring you to censor me in a thread about just that? It’s gotten to the point that free speech is being threatened and half the country thinks it’s justice. That’s kindof a big deal.

But nobody said it better than the man himself in this very thread:

The great, very homosexual, little white guy who married his pool boy…. Glen Greenwald – AKA Trupiest Trumper ever!

“the most I do is write things like this to mock their censorious mindset and satirically apply their own warped standards to them; but because this kind of outlandish whining is so common in their world — indeed, it is honored — they cannot even recognize it as satire).”