Alldaway 2.0

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Since we are ranking needs this is how I would do it:

1. Edge Rusher

Even with Shaq returning Bucs need a #3 edge rusher. Nelson is a solid #4.

2. Defensive tackle

Need another DT that can disrupt with Vea and rotate with Suh. K. Davis as a #4 is fine with me.

3. Pass catching RB

This offense needs a RB that can catch passes and be a threat downfield or in the flat. RoJo is a classic straightline thumper and Vaughn looks like a blend.

4. OT

Haeg is a free agent and I feel good about the development of the interior OL like Cappa, Molchon, and Stinnie.

5. C

Jensen’s future is up in the air and need a guy that can play center to be training one year in advance.

6. Blocking TE

If the Bucs managed to re-sign Auclair and Gronk then this need goes away.

7. LB

Need some youth to be developed behind LVD and White. Minter and Buccanon are nice stop gaps.

8. Returning specialist.

Need and upgrade here badly.

Build the trenches!