Alldaway 2.0

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IF Bucs can lock up most of their own UFAs and avoid the frenzy it would be awesome.

Makes the draft much easier IMO because then the Bucs are looking at players that can play smaller roles.

To me re-signing Gronk, Suh, Shaq, and Succop would be a huge win for this team. Not sure about Brown but lets see what happens. Lots of WR talent is hitting the market along with TE talent so that does work in the Bucs favor.

Auclair is going to be an easy re-sign IMO unless a team wants to overpay him. Bucs quietly re-sign him along with Gronk and the Bucs have the best TE depth in the league once more.

In the event the Bucs can’t resign most of their UFA then the Bucs would probably shift toward a strategy of many low level UFA signings. But that assumes the worst case scenario which isn’t likely.

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