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Here’s an additional observation to get things stirred up – Lavonte David showed some signs of slowing down during the playoff run.

I thought David was pretty good during the playoff run, save the NO game, but he definitely had a handful of games this year where he looked bad in coverage. Very non-David like. But I’d also say his contract reflected that. He didn’t get as much as talking heads thought he was going to get. I’m not against re-signing Suh for less than he made last season.

But for value, and the tone he set on the line against the run I’d have to say the Bucs benefit with him schematically. Absolutely not. But I think where we are with the cap it would behoove us to get him on a >5 milli contract for next season.

I’m not against the team re-signing Suh for $3M-$4M. I’m more pushing back against the hyperbole that Suh “set the tone” in the run game. Sure, he did occasionally. But he wasn’t this immovable force that people in this thread are making him out to be. FWIW, he ranked 28th outta those same 70 qualified DL – slightly better than average vs. the run.

For those that care, draft favorite Ed Oliver was dead last @ #70.