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Going to be a lot more cap juggling. Evans and Marpet could convert bonuses etc.

It was looking like there was no way to keep most of the gang together. And now it is looking more than probable.

Fournette is gone.

Suh has made a fortune, I bet he takes a deep discount. Especially with all the terrible teams he’s played on.
1 year 5 mil

Honestly I thought AB was definitely gone. But it really makes more sense for him to stay and play a full year and then try to take a big deal from a sucky team. 1 year 5 mil

Gronk will play here at a small discount. 2 year 14mil

Shaq will stay. BA & JL will move the money around to pay him. 4 year 70 mil

I’m interested to see if they sign people to two year deals because that’s when Brady‘s deal will be up