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as MAGA call Joe demented . . and are angry about Dr Suess and potato (right when the CV19 relief bill passes)its worth considering this again

“In a nutshell, you can’t have a white grievance party if your constituents aren’t grieving. Policy that keeps the rank and file in pain keeps them angry, and perversely that can help you at the ballot box by directing their anger at “made-up enemies” who — so the story goes — are powered by Democrats who are out to ruin (cancel) American culture. The formula creates a brutal political incentive to embrace policies that hurt their own constituents.

Snyder explains that this formula is commonly used by modern-day oligarchs and would-be oligarchs. If you’re a would-be oligarch — if you want both wealth and power — you have no incentive to give more real power to the people but every incentive to make it look like you are fighting for them publicly.