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“Again a libertarian SHOULD say that a private company can do what they want. Free market.’

That is true and why I have said that JBear repeatedly outs himself as a conservative not Libertarian.

In the 1980s (I think) Hasbro did away with Potato Head’s pipe. Presumably to do precisely what they are doing now: make their product appeal to as WIDE an audience as possible

the difference: the GOP and FauxNews peddling outrage

Dr. Suess Enterprises (his estate that looks after the product) takes the opportunity to remove 6 books from a library in excess of 40 (I think), presumably to do the same as Hasbro: appeal to as WIDE an audience as possible. Turns out 2021 America is more DIVERSE than 1920 America

why the outrage?

GOP and Faux news SELLS it

there is a thread here laying out the strategy