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Greenberg exploiting the voidables and working some cap magic.

Needs to rework a few more deals, but I think he might actually pull this off.

Converting a lot of the contract from base salary to bonus into a voidable year is freaking ingenious! Brady has a one-year voidable contract on his “two-year extension”. LVD has a three-year voidable contract on his “five-year extension”.

The fake contract year(s) idea is far more helpful than a backloaded contract because the team is required to pay up on a backloaded contract, but the fake contract just pays the bonus (as it’s spread over the entirety of the contract, including the fake years). This voidable model helps the team escape that possibility if they want to move on from a player.

Way to go, Greenberg! Great job on the Glazers’ retaining him during the GM turnover from Dom to Licht.