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Interpretation is this. Nobody on our side expected a Biden victory. Biden is not running the government but the global elite cabal is behind the curtain controlling the media, big banks, big government, big pharmaceuticals, world health, higher education, national law enforcement, judicial, and other power centers of society in America. Trump is not working alone in bringing down the deep state, but has the military and world wide partners working together to achieve this goal. Trump is making the deep state reveal their plans by speeding up all the anti-American laws, vaccines, money laundering agendas, supreme court refusing cases on standing, and other processes so they are more easily recognizable for what they are. Trump went through all the legal channels to expose how captured these institutions are, so we now know beyond a shadow of doubt that the military is the only way forward to free this country from the deep state. The deep state, Illuminati, Bilderbergs, globalists, or whatever name they call themselves in this century, want to bring this country down by making it poor, confused, divisive, and destitute thereby forcing the people to comply with tyrannical NWO ideologies such as …you can choose your gender but not your sexuality. Biden and all deep state actors will be arrested soon and either receive death or life at Gitmo. Trump loves America and the American people and took no salary when he was POTUS. Ass clown people like you cant see that and hate him because you dont like his personality.