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Your logic, or their’s, is flawed in many ways.

First, let’s look at this Cabal of Global Elites. OK, let’s take the (whacked-out) assumption that they exist. If that is the case, what is their motive? If they’ve already achieved the status of truly being a group of “Global Elites”, then your logic breaks down right there. They have no motivation. They’re already Globally Elite. They already have all of the power, all of the money, and all of the control. What’s left? Shaking down moonshiners in the hollers doesn’t sound like something any group that already controls the world market would be interested in doing. Wouldn’t they be more likely to need as many subordinate, inferior people as possible? They would need customers, and as such, would want some subordinate people around to dominate; however, again, it really wouldn’t be a necessary domination, as they already control everything. Unless, of course, there is a second Cabal of Elites around; however, there isn’t even proof of the first one.

So, we have these “groups” battling for the will of the people; however, again, using your logic, the people already have no free will. Should the people still possess free will, then the Cabals really aren’t that Elite, as they lack the power to control the masses. Isn’t the main objective in controlling people doing so in a manner that means they are unaware of the control? Also, if they’re already “Global” why would they put so much concern into a country that, for the past four years, has been run under principles of isolationism? The US is a small country, by comparison to global populations, and the isolationists are already on-board with feeding $$ into an economy that, by your logic, already controls those people. Wouldn’t the Cabal have bigger fish to fry? China has a lot more people and resources to exploit. Why aren’t they in China?? Russia has oil across roughly eleven time zones, most of it in pretty barren areas. Why aren’t they running covert drilling operations?

OK, let’s leave the Cabal thing for a second. Your peeps are looking for a “mastermind” to thwart the evil of the Cabal(s), and the “biggest mind” they come up with is Trump? Was the other candidates all members of the Short Bus Acadamy? Why would they, or anyone, pick Trump? You are putting the hopes of the planet into someone who fucked up running not one, but TWO Casinos. Running a casino has to be the most simple business to succeed. You put a sign outside. It reads: “We Have Gambling Inside. FREE ADMISSION!” You have just completed the sole step you need to be successful at running an operation based upon gambling.

OK, minus the Casinos, Trump fucked up in paying hush money to a porn star. When it comes to paying hush money, I would imagine one of the LEAST difficult subjects would be a porn star; however, your people put all of their eggs in Trump’s basket? I honestly doubt we’re talking about the same person. If Trump had knowledge of a Cabal, wielding unlimited power and resources, he wouldn’t be the one leading the battle in the other side. Trump would be retrofitting all of his clubs to accommodate serving the “freshest Baby Blood” possible, and then he would be trying to pull these people in by the droves. If this year’s “Oxygen Bar” is “Sacrificial Virgin Blood”, Trump would have it on tap and the Oxygen Bar would be retired. After all, Trump’s sole motivation in ANYTHING is making money for Trump. I seriously doubt he would snub a plethora of Elites, and their money, in deference to a group of people that probably can’t even afford Greens Fees at any of his clubs. When is the last time you’ve hit eighteen holes at a Trump-owned property. I’m thinking “never”.

So, on to your misleading title, as you failed to address this most serious problem. Yep, you just can’t trust those “foreign actors”. Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve seen proof that Helen Mirren is in control of US infrastructure, and she isn’t giving it up. 😂

Yep, you really can’t trust those foreign actors. 😎

Oh, btw, you should pass this on to your Q brethren: Before you decide that a powerful Cabal is running ops out of the basement of a pizza parlour, they should probably check the pizza place first, as the one they picked doesn’t have a basement. 😃 Also, a Cabal of Global Elites can’t afford better digs than the back of a pizza place? Ummmm, yeah.

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.