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Nobody on our side expected a Biden victory.

Really? For months it was “all part of the plan”.

Now, it was “nobody expected it”.

How convenient.

Biden is not running the government but the global elite cabal is behind the curtain controlling the media, big banks, big government, big pharmaceuticals, world health, higher education, national law enforcement, judicial, and other power centers of society in America.

Really? For months now, you’ve been claiming that Trump is secretly running the show with his “shadow government”.

Now, you’re saying that’s not the case.

Again, how convenient.

Trump went through all the legal channels to expose how captured these institutions are,

Yep. All the legal channels that HE appointed. And, naturally, they told him his fabricated bullshit and excuses had no merit. Weird.

Biden and all deep state actors will be arrested soon and either receive death or life at Gitmo.

How soon? You’ve been saying this line for the better part of 10 years. So, again, how soon?

Trump loves America and the American people

The biggest lie ever told. A pig farmer in the Philippines is laughing his ass off all the way to the bank because of rubes like you.

people like you cant see that and hate him because you dont like his personality.

Wrong as usual.

Traditional conservatives and libertarians such as myself hate the jackoff because he handed the house, senate, and presidency to the Dems on a silver freaking platter.

And, we’re most likely stuck with these dipshit liberals for the unforeseeable future because Don the Con continues to sabotage the RNC and the United States.