Boid Fink

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In regards to The Chiefs and their need for tackles, there are guys out there that can be had for cheap and are still efficient players. Reiff etc.

But what you should remember is how well Mahomes played, without those tackles under some monster pressure while taking some shots.

His receivers dropped two potential TDs after some incredible throws while under immense duress. That makes the score 24-31.

They see the best defender in free agency they may try to manipulate the cap themselves and sign some workable tackles (again, Mahomes played well for having a rag tag group protecting him against a hot pass rush, with no blitzing), and if they land Shaq, people will be penciling them in for a super bowl. Put cash money on it. I would.

Value can be had with some savvy moves and trying to land some tackles that will ring chase on one year deals with incentives, lower team friendly deals.

And then adding Shaq? Their team would be loaded.

Bucs would be left scrambling for something they cannot replicate: the guy who has led the league in pressures the last two seasons. That makes them underdogs. And the Chiefs will be the team to beat with Shaq.