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Don’t mess with the chemistry of the o line. It ended up being a top 5 unit. I wouldn’t draft any ol before round 3 either. Bigger needs(edge, idl, rb)

Psst… Cappa didn’t play in the Divisional playoff game, the Conference playoff game, nor the Super Bowl playoff game. Stinnie played it.

Guess that whole “don’t mess with the chemistry of the Oline” thought. Brady cares most if the OLine executes at a high level.

Jensen’s PFF rating

    2018: 56.6 PFF rating
    2019: 79.3 PFF rating
    2020: 64.9 PFF rating

Maybe you shouldn’t have any authority in citing Jensen is a top-5 talent. $10 mil for below average isn’t a great use of capital.

… Wait. Did you just say RB is a bigger need in the draft? Okay… Licht, you can stop moonlighting here.