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Gentle Patriot my ass. Fricken Nazi. Man can be pretty damn vicious to their fellow man sometimes, and the way justify it is to dehumanize your opponent, to make them into some evil…well “cabal”, beings who are better off dead. God damn Nazi’s, thats what these QAnoners are.

Well said, along with the rest of the post.

I’m not certain if it’s ironic or just sad. This group of people ignore science, in order for them to deny Global Warming, yet mention Democrats drinking the blood of children, as a side order to a couple slices of pepperoni 🍕 and these people eat it up, like they’ve just solved the riddle of King Tut’s tomb. 😎

I’m going to guess the next order of business, after the current one falls flat on it’s ass. 😎

Here goes: (The Q peeps should write this down, on edible paper, of course).


A BUNKER SOMEWHERE IN MIDDLE AMERICA (Drumroll plays in the distance)

Q stands at a podium. A large, orange triangle sits above a canvas depicting LORD TRUMP as he reaches to the hands of his HOLY FATHER.

(Speaks solemnly)
We have definitely deciphered the True Meaning, as told through Lord Trump. He will ascend to power upon the day when the non-believers will be busy seeking vaccinations.

Q pauses briefly. He looks behind him. He stares wistfully at the image of Lord Trump.

(Deepens Voice)
Our prophets have consulted three stars for guidance. Their work has paid off. In order to restore Lord Trump to power, we must open THE DOOR. This is achieved simply by multiplying the first numbers within the Fibonacci Sequence, factoring that number Six Hundred Sixty-Six times. Once that number has been revealed, the FAITHFUL will chant in harmony, again using a cadence derived from the Fibonacci Sequence. When completed, a DATE shall appear inside the completed algorithm. This will be the date that our leader returns to power.

Q raises fist to a CROWD. The Crowd within the Bunker chants in unison.


A Flag—draped Q spins in front of a BLACK BACKGROUND.




(Yeah, I know. I didn’t conform to proper screenwriting syntax, while taking some license with archaic formatting, and breaking the cardinal rule of not including camera angles and Directorial elements inside of what would initially be a spec script; however, I’m not really up to using Final Draft for what would amount to thirty seconds of edited screen time. As such, along with breaking a few rules, I also didn’t follow proper formatting. It’s close enough, though. 😎

(One example: FADE TO BLACK is rarely used anymore, and a SMASH CUT would be an editing command. Regardless of what type of Cut would be used, it would be determined by the Director, and executed by the Editor.)

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.