Boid Fink

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This issue with RBs isn’t the least of the teams issues.

They have RoJo who can’t block and has hands like Michael Clayton with blindfolds on, and Sneak Vaughn who showed very little for being a third round back.

So they have two runners. They need two more. My suggesting of adding AD is to supplant the role that McCoy had, which was the veteran and emergency sub if necessary. It isn’t because AD is a great back.

As for replacing Fournette who is most likely going to price himself off the team, should be White or a kid they draft fairly early, but not with round 1. Don’t care that it is basically a second d rounder, just don’t do it. Draft a lineman, if some sort with that pick.

So the depth and experience in that room is going to be thin until further notice. Brady doesn’t like dummies playing running back. They can screw a lot of stuff up in an offense.