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It really depends on what Brate wants. Because although Brate is under contract for a few more years, its at $6.25 mil for 2021. The Bucs will want to refinance his contract and probably give him less money for maybe two years. So that puts the ball in Brate’s court. He can go along with that plan, or he can get cut loose and shop himself around. If that happens he can probably do reasonably better on another team. Obviously I don’t know what Brate would choose between those two options.

But here’s what I’ll say about Licht. He may not be on the exact same page as the fans or even Bruce Arians. We all want to bring back all the same guys, but Licht probably realizes that if you want to have a winning organization you have to keep restocking the shelves with some new product. You have to bring in some new blood every year and not spend all your money trying to recreate the past. So far we’ve seen the low hanging fruit getting picked, but don’t assume that Licht is totally laser focused on bringing all these guys…like Brate… back into the fold when the free agents will be out there.