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At 32nd, I had my eyes on either Miami edges and a couple of DT’s like Barrimore. It’s difficult to gauge where they might go. Some mocks have them all gone by 30th. Some mocks have one of the Miami guys in the middle of the 2nd round, which I find very wrong.

With Creed, I think I liked the idea of trading down to pick up more picks and selecting him. That is until I read about his pro day: link

“Like, people don’t understand how explosive he is,” said offensive tackle Adrian Ealy, who also worked out for 31 NFL teams and 59 total team personnel on Friday. “The numbers that he put up today, it’s really unbelievable — not just for offensive linemen, but for his position.”

“He’s a great athlete. He really is,” Riley said. “You see a center vertical jump 33 inches, run and move the way he has, it’s kind of hard to believe he’s a center, honestly, watching him.”

Creed’s stock might be rising fast! If he’s that athletic and powerful, it’s possible he can play RG if you didn’t want him to play center. Creed can immediately help with the run game at C or RG.

Bucs Rushing yards average

    2018: 95.2 ypg (29th)
    2019: 95.1 ypg (24th)
    2020: 94.9 ypg (28th)

I was thinking of addressing the interior OLine in the 2nd round, but getting a top Oline vs 7/8th rated Dline has me questioning things. We won in the playoffs due to our pass rush. We likely won’t find talent like Barrett so low in the draft, though.

Gotta re-sign Barrett and then plan to move on from Jensen’s $10 mil.