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He’s going to be testing the market, or already has. He’s an unrestricted free agent. That means the Bucs have to outbid 31 other teams, or at least be in the ballpark of the highest bidder. That means $20 mil per year for four years at the minimum. That just throws all the other contracts which need to be done present and future out of whack. He is good at his job, don’t get me wrong. But guys like Vita Vea and Devin White are more important to this defense. I just think you let him go and even if you get another free agent for $10 or $12 mil you are saving a lot of money which can go to other free agents. Bottom line is I don’t think Shaq is worth $20 mil for four years.

And I can pretty much guarantee you that Licht is already sending out the feelers for what other FA edge players are available.