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He does. He gendered the most pressures the last two years. And he covered more than usual this year, as well as rushed from the opposite side of previous season.

He didn’t rush nearly as much as he should have. Even Nobody made note of that.

He is a stud, elite pass rusher. And when the defense fails to generate consistent pressure, you idiots who think pass rushers are easily replaceable have very short memories and very little knowledge of football.

iirc, JPP wanted his side back this past year… the side the Shaq earned 19.5 sacks in his first year with the Bucs. And yet, it’s Shaq with one of the most QB pressures for the past two seasons. I know that Shaq has influenced a couple of INTs because of his pressure (hand on QB while throwing). Those don’t go down as sacks b/c the QB threw it, but they do go down as pressure. If there was a stat that those pressures caused a turnover, incompletion, or completion would be nice because we would see the impact of said pressure.

Against KC in the Super Bowl, Mahomes was sacked only 3 times. If you look at the box stats in ESPN, you’ll see that Mahomes was hit 10 times, with 4 belonging to Shaq. If you watch all the breakdown videos of the Bucs’ defense stuffing the Chiefs’ offense, they’ll point out that because of “pressure” Mahomes field of vision was limited in scope and time. If Mahomes wasn’t pressured, then he would have had time to find the open receiver. You can see receivers break open after initially being engaged.

The limiting of field of vision means dictating were the QB can throw. This is important because the pressure helps to manipulate where the QB can throw in conjunction with the secondary. Because the secondary knows where Mahomes will throw, then they get a better chance of defending it. That stat is called Pass Defends. Although the credit stat belongs to the DB or LB, a significant factor is pressure, whom none get praise for those using only basic stats in a vacuum.

The Bucs corralled the Chief gunslinger due to it’s pressure of limiting time and field of vision. It’s because of that pressure is how the Bucs made it was a dominant game.

We’re fortunate that the Chiefs were full of hubris to display their deep, explosive game as opposed to the short to intermediate game, which would have negated the pressure being brought. That’s what KC did to us to start the game. So Brady went small ball.

Super Bowl pressure stats

    Mahomes: 3 sacks, 10 QB hits, 9 pass defenses
    Brady: 1 sack, 2 QB hits, 1 pass defenses

Games are won in the trenches. The Bucs were that dominant against KC’s trenches. KC had one player of note on their defensive line and three starters out of their offensive line. That’s why the Super Bowl was a blowout, but the other three playoff games were nailbiters.