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Now why don’t answer my question as to why Barrett had 1.5 sacks in 400+ defensive snaps in 2016.

Does it matter that, unlike every other season he’s played, the majority of those snaps were in run defense? Probably not.

Here are the pressure rates for Shaq:

2015: 1 pressure every 8.7 pass rush snaps
2016: 1 pressure every 8.3 pass rush snaps
2017: 1 pressure every 7.5 pass rush snaps
2018: 1 pressure every 9.8 pass rush snaps
2019: 1 pressure every 7.1 pass rush snaps (Lead NFL in sacks)
2020: 1 pressure every 6.7 pass rush snaps (2nd in NFL in pressures)

No matter what the sack numbers were, the pressure rates were fairly consistent. I’m sure it’s a complete coincidence you chose to single-out the year he had the least amount of sacks. It’s not like you to try to manipulate numbers to enhance your shitty point.