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My shitty point?

Yes, as that’s mostly what you offer.

You used my argument to straddle the fence in the other thread saying it’s a good contract if he stays motivated.

No, I said it’s good contract – which is absolutely is – regardless of what happens in the future. And that hopefully he stays motivated after that two-year guarantee is up. Again, you’re twisting arguments to fit your agenda.

He’s no different than any other player in this league. Good players don’t produce at a high level unless they are motivated to be good.

As always, there is nuance involved, Mr. Red Board GM. Barrett may rip both ACL’s the next two years. That won’t make this a bad contract. What is undeniable and without nuance is the bullshit you’ve shoveled regard Barrett, the salary cap, and damn-near everything else you’re having to eat it on.