Boid Fink

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Suh isn’t playing for 4 million. Not going to happen.

Gholston is a value at his salary. He sets an edge well, strong as hell in the fray, big reason why teams get walked against the Bucs trying to run. I don’t expect him to do anything other than sign an extension maybe.

Nunez Roches has to be in consideration, he did well as time went by. But he is entirely replaceable. Another ox in in middle, slow as hell but a good run stopper.

Gronk said he wants to test free agency because he has never done it before. I doubt he plays for anything less than what Brate makes. Don’t blame him.

AB is most likely gone. He lost a lot of money already screwing around, he is trying to recoup that money. He won’t play for 7 million a year. He is going to the highest bidder. I see Baltimore, KC, Jets…all teams he may get better offers from.