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Just like CHOOSING to get vaccinated in private when his followers are one of the biggest vaccine reluctant groups.

Most true there. I’m of the belief that it was easier to get Vaccination Shot 1 at the Dog Track (FEMA Pop-Up) due to half of Tampa, the Trump half, want to gain immunity The old-fashioned way, buy contracting the virus and handing it out to all is their friends. 😎

Masks are already falling out of favour around here, because people believe in their god-given right to get sick and infect everyone else, as opposed to wearing by a thin piece of cloth for a few moments out of each day.

I had no problem with a long wait, and I’m scheduled to get the serving infusion of Alien dna-laced, and federally funded nanoparticle tracking chips without any wait. 😎 (I was even a walk-up. Second infusion on March 30th).

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.