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” the harder question is why do people join this.”

as a coping mechanism

many (not all) conspiracy theorists are people who cling to fake inside knowledge and fake insight as a way to cope with a world that they cannot control or a world where they feel unfairly excluded at some level

If you notice, OT’s very name suggests he alone has the one TRUTH and even as all of his predictions blow up in his face, one after another, her STILL derides others as sheep who just believe everything they read/watch/hear in the MSM. This is because someone like OT uses “Q” as a way to artificially elevate himself above others. Because it fails all the time BUT IS ALSO CRITICAL TO HIS OWN VIEW OF SELF, the failed predictions just get re-worked into more elaborate “4d chess” steps because the goal isn’t the truth, the goal is maintaining the artificial leverage to self worth.