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I agree with Runole, the hatred for Winston by some is a bit over the top. Here is a guy who gave his all on the field, owns most every passing record in franchise history, look it up. The offensive line prior to Wirfs and Gronk was piss poor terrible and began to play as a unit last year. Many of the posters threads prior to the super bowl run were centered around the poor play of the offensive line, near last in the league in rushing and the same with pass protection. On the other side of the ball the defense was just horrid.
For certain Winston’s turnovers were his downfall, with that said he never threw more interceptions then touchdowns in any season college or pro. If you look at the history of QB’s in Tampa, most threw more int’s then TD’s which includes the great Hall of Famer Steve Young. Buccaneer great Doug Williams threw as many picks as TD’s. Winston has thrown for about 5,000 more yards then the next on the list which would be Vinnie Testaverde, he did so in fewer years under center. BTW Vinnie threw 112 interceptions to just 77 TD’s. Winston Threw for 19,737 yards here in Tampa, his QB rating trails only Brady and Jeff Garcia of QB’s who started at least a seasons worth of games.
Obviously Brady gives the Buc’s the best chance to win, Brady would give most teams the best chance to win as he is obviously a legend on the field. While I appreciate Brady being here, I never got on board with the hate Winston clan. While I am not anointing Winston as a ring of honor candidate, I believe he deserves a bit more respect for his accomplishments.