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Tom Brady is not going to be a quarterbacks coach. Come on. I could see him doing a QB camp ala Gruden. Brady and Bundchen together have a net worth of $600 million. How many QB coaches are worth $600 million? None, and the reason is nobody worth $600 million gets up at 6 AM to fill the coffee pot and wipe the nose of some 5th round rookie career backup, his own history not withstanding. As for what he will do while he’s still playing, I think he’s more concerned with the players who will be on the field rather than the ones holding the clipboard. He wants to win Superbowls. That’s why he’s here, not to mentor the trainees.

Hmmmm… Brady should have asked for stake in the Bucs, be a part owner. I’d like Brady to stick with the Bucs after his career is done.