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I still think they need to add depth along the lines. The defense has to get a push for the pass rush to work. The offensive line has to protect Brady. The Bucs had a lot of things go right, and I’d like to see the Bucs have a little better insurance in case the injury bug hits again. I’m not convinced that they have enough depth to survive the wear and tear of a normal 17 game season. Of course, the draft is going to help with that.

I’m happy they are getting the band back together. The guys deserve to “run it back” and the Bucs didn’t really overpay for that to happen. So great job. But the gray lining on the silver cloud is that with the exact same team and same coaching staff the makes game planning against us easier. Call me spoiled, but I’d like to see the Bucs come up with a new threat. Something more for teams to worry about. Its hard to repeat.