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How dumb does Biggs feel right now after a terrorist attack aimed at Asians by a white supremacist that supported Trump?


You are highlighting the point made the NBCNews reporter. People were attacked, some of whom were Asian, and you assume it was simply because they were Asian. You can’t help it. You’ve been brainwashed to think that way. Race-baiting, rinse, and repeat.

The investigation is still ongoing, and this guy looks to be a nutbag, but I have yet to see anything about him being a white supremacist. Outside of dumbasses like you and Mr. Cronkite, that is.

The suspect told the police that he had a “sexual addiction” and had carried out the shootings at the massage parlors to eliminate his “temptation,” the authorities said on Wednesday. He also said that he had frequented massage parlors in the past and launched the attacks as a form of vengeance. All but one of the victims were women, the police said.

Capt. Jay Baker of the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office said that Mr. Long had told the police he was driving to Florida when he was caught after the shootings on Tuesday evening, and that he said he may have been trying to commit similar violence at a business connected to the “porn industry” there.

I’m sure that porn business in Florida was chock-full of Asians.

Biggs joins a long list of fringe idiots that think they are objective centrists

When I have I ever claimed to be a centrist? I haven’t, of course, but this just adds the increasingly long list of things that have to be strenuously juxtaposed for you to grasp.