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Didn’t the current front office draft Jameis #1 overall? They sure are the best.

Is crazy how some fans a STUCK in 2016.

There are two ways to evaluate Licht.

1) Overall Performance. What is Jason Licht’s overall performance as GM? Evaluate the totality of every move he’s ever made since the beginning. Everything is of equal value. If you want to judge his overall performance that’s what you would do. If Licht’s time is done here for whatever reason then we go back and evaluate him and everything is fair game.

2) Current Ability. How good of a GM is Jason Licht? For this answer you would give added weight to more recent years. You can chalk up early missteps to a learning curve, and consider if he has made growth. That doesn’t totally discount earlier performance, but places more emphasis on recent performance. You would use this type of evaluation to determine how much Jason Licht is responsible for the current team and whether he should get a contract extension.