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I’m sure that porn business in Florida was chock-full of Asians

Not really, which is why this guy, either through targeting from anger or objectification, chose to attack businesses that were predominantly associated with Asians, and iirc, all but one victim was Asian. Atlanta, like Florida, has a lot more prostitutes and strip clubs, yet he chooses to skip all of those targets to concentrate on spas? If the whack job, (yes, I’ll agree the dude looks “touched”), chooses to skip the hardcore sex districts so he can hit strip malls where the most you would probably get is Happy Finish?

Sorry, if he’s going with the “whacked out sex addict” Defense, then his actions contradict what his targets should have been. That is, unless there is documentation that can show where targeting massage girls makes more sense than going after hookers. A sex addict, who’s been through rehab has never called on the services of a hooker? You saw the pic of that guy. That is the face of someone who can’t be picky over their sex partners. That dude is so hideous he probably will avoid gang rape in prison.

When you kill eight people, and seven are Asian, you have to at least acknowledge a pattern.

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.