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I’ve seen conflicting reports. Some say 5, some say 6. But, no there is no pattern. He killed as many people as he could in the one place he shot up.

I double-checked. Six out of eight people killed were Asian, with a seventh Asian being wounded. That’s seven out of nine victims. In lily-white, deep red, Georgia, where segregation lives on, that ratio is high enough that they could say it constitutes hate crimes. I’m sorry, but I don’t buy the Sex Addict line. That’s someone fishing for an excuse. The crime scenes were far enough apart and from where he lived, I’m sorry, but he could’ve picked off a shit ton of prostitutes instead of making that drive to hit three spas.

Again, what does it even matter? It’s Georgia. You know that dude will end up on death row. He did in one night what Aileen Wuornos couldn’t do in her entire career as a serial killer. She was stopped after seven.

Once you hit Serial Killer numbers, not even OJ’s Dream Team could get that guy off.

obvious race-baiting

Excluding the person, (Asian), who lived, that was still 75%, or six out of eight murdered that were Asian. Include the one who survived and you’re at 78%. If that was Chinatown, it would make some sense, but it fails when you pull the murders away from Asian neighbourhoods. The prosecution won’t have any trouble with this one.

(Kinda like looking through a crowd for your sister-wives. Not a difficult task if you’re in West by-God Virginia, but move it to Manhattan, and the sister-wives tend to thin out a great deal. 😎)

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.