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Based on the information (as opposed to rhetoric) coming out, the only thing the guy hated was his own pecker.

He went after massage parlours. There are a lot of massage parlours, just like nail salons, that are run by people of far eastern descent. I don’t know why to be honest (outside of Hollywood movies), but look around and say it ain’t so.

I can’t really think of an appropriate analogy other than Swedish au pairs, and I can’t see anyone getting a shitty on with that demographic. But, I do think people are playing the race hate card here just because they can, and not because it is applicable – as things stand. Let’s be honest, if Liberals loved Asian Americans that much they wouldn’t make it so hard for them to gain entry to top US Colleges and Universities would they?

Biden just told immigrants from south of the border to stay home and not come here, so does that mean every Latino that gets murdered by a non Latino to be laid at the feet of Joe? I don’t think so. Let’s be real about this.