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Again you were still saying 3 years after I said the guaranteed $ really made it a 2 year deal. You can’t tap dance your way out of that one either. You really have a single digit IQ out here, congrats on being the dumbest active user on this MB.

And you haven’t been “calm”, you’re the definition of triggered, you went from playing victim to now wanting to meet up with me lol. To get to that level is clear that I took a giant shit on your mental state. I did the same thing to Biggs. But this takes the cake, your vag started bleeding profusely right away, at least with biggs he’s bleeding out slowly lol. And I see right through you, you’re projecting all your symptoms of bitch made on me, you were definitely bullied heavy. Being shoved into lockers really gave you the introspection of what it means to be a social reject, ouch. Your mental illness is in full effect.