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So declined then? Thought so

What you say is irrelevant to my original post. I haven’t paid kind to anything past your initial reply when you revealed your mental weakness and the insufficiency you feel as a man(covered in my last post)

Projection. All I see is projection and you regurgitating the same falsehoods over and over, trying to project your mental illness onto me. You call people weak, soft, say what they will and won’t do, but when given the opportunity to prove yourself different, you curr up. Coward.

You say “take to that level”, but To me it’s not a big deal, as I train regularly. It would just be a light day in the gym. Don’t assume things about other people if you aren’t willing to back them up.

All in all, I’m glad I had time for this today. Provided me entertainment in my downtime, and shattered the false reality you’ve created for yourself on this board. Everyone knows what you are now, a weak, whiny, unoriginal beta male. You have no honor or respect in the only reality that matters to you. A prisoner in your own little insignificant mind.

There are lockers at my gym ;)