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I do think people are playing the race hate card here just because they can, and not because it is applicable – as things stand.

Good grief.

People jumped to the conclusion it was a hate crime against Asians precisely because the news has been covering the increase in real hate crimes against Asians. Simple association.

As usual, you turn that into something nefarious … those damn liberals!

Most people are NOT hyper political nut bags who think every conservative is evil, every liberal a loon. People just associate an event – that they spend all of 30 seconds reviewing because they are busy with their lives – with another thing that is present in their life, reporting on the actual increase in crimes against Asian Americans.

It’s just like the “white supremacist” claim. The guy looks like the “white supremacists” people see in the news snd it’s Georgia, so people assume “white supremacist” using that phrase in the broadest possible sense, almost like shorthand or slang.