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Solid depth/rotational player, but would MUCH rather have used that towards re-signing Suh. Suh was the key to the dline, he brings that nasty intensity that we haven’t had sense Sapp. I realize he is past his prime and age is creeping up on him, but his fierce attitude (on the field) and leadership are incredibly hard to replace. Correct me if im wrong (as I’m much more familiar with traditional 4-3 and Tampa 2 positions) but doesn’t Nacho back up Vita and not Suh? Nacho was super important bc we haven’t gotten a full season from Vea yet, so experience behind him is def needed. Suh would incredibly difficult to replace at this point, esp when you are going all in again on a Super Bowl run. If it came down to potentially losing Nacho due to a lower contract offer in order to bring back Suh, or Nachos new contract and then crossing our fingers to get Suh on a small 1 year deal or even possibly having to draft a starting DT/NT….then hands down you risk losing Nacho in order to secure Suh for at least one more season. All the intangibles,ability, experience, intensity, and leadership he brings can’t be replaced by a rookie on a team trying to repeat a Super Bowl

Correct, roches is a nose guard like Vea, which gives me hope they still might re up suh. Spot on post, people underestimate how hard it will be to replace Suh. He is a tone setter, much like Jensen on offense. That isn’t replaced merely by similar stats.