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Pathetic at this point. There was initial confusion about the length/structure of the contract. LOL @ you acting like supreme capologist, your IQ is too low to form coherent thoughts, much less understand the complexities and loopholes of nfl contracts and cap hits.

As for “in the mold of all our best kickers”….. a half brained thought which doesn’t make sense. All players are judged different so it doesn’t matter about molds, pseudo-intellectual fail on your part. But even if I was to play your game, you are inherently wrong. Matt Bryant is the best kicker in team history and his kicking style is diametrically opposed to succops. You are wrong on all accounts. Succop does have a weaker than average leg, sorry. Check any scouting report. He makes up for it by being accurate. You have no argument against me at this point, you just have your panties in a bunch and want to “win”

Ps don’t watch basketball, more a fan of combat sports ;)

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