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You are really slow, Jesus let’s try this again

I left my reply on this thread after reading the first few posts, before I saw the amendment. I didn’t pay attention to your responses after, because from your first snarky reply it was obvious you were in your feelings. Clearly you just saw something regarding a lack of strength, which threw you into a dyslexic Freudian tirade, given your own short comings. You keep harping on that, because you have nothing else. You’ve been otherwise exposed as the unintelligent, emotionally weak irritant that you are. Keep on grasping any straw you can, contract, weak leg….youre arguing against straw men, trying to save face. Bottom line, you’ve been exposed on the one avenue you feel good about yourself in. You tried to lash out at someone on a message board and they called you on your shit. Your facade is shattered, You realize you’re out of your depth, and try any insult you can in desperation just because you’re Butt hurt that I pulled your card. I can see how pathetic you are little boy, and now everyone else on your precious little message board can too