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Why so argumentative little guy? Never said I wanted a different kicker. Just the 3 years. Go debate someone else

Ah the victim card. Nice try but that reverse psychology don’t work on me. You have “savant” in your name but couldn’t counter a thing I said on your weak “wahhh he’s old wahhh he can’t kick da ball like Brindza” and how does a savant not understand that the deal is only guaranteed for 2 years. Newsflash, where the guaranteed $ is placed is what matters most, the years and “total” amount of contract is for an uber casual such as yourself.

Clearly you have issues guy. Not sure why you are so eager to have an argument, and put words in my mouth, but I’m simply not interested in engaging with you. I hope you can find more fulfillment in life so you don’t take casual comments about the strength of succops leg as a personal affront.

PS succops leg is weaker than average, just like your erection strength

Succop proved to be an extremely clutch and accurate kicker. I don’t know what your hate boner is about. This is literally the weirdest thing to rag on, we finally found a kicker who wasn’t just good but borderline spectacular.

I like succop. Statistically most accurate season in team history. Not sure why you feel the need to chime in, when reading comprehension clearly isn’t your strong suite.

You’ve admitted that you take hiatus from this board because words get you bent much like your wife got bent by Succop. That explains the hate boner. It’ll be okay friend, he’s not all bad, he did help us win a Super Bowl!