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Some of those numbers are insane.

He may return, but most likely on a 2 year deal, for around 11 million.

They have to lock up Suh, and then relax. The team will be back together, more familiar, more experienced, winners who seem to care about each other and the game…bring Suh back. He’s a presence in the clogs, and he scares QBs.

Fournette was a solid pass catcher in Jax, he is a decent pass blocker (not sure where all this “he can’t block” stuff is coming from…he had some good blocks that saved Brady’s ass a few times…they don’t stick in most memories but I remember), he also seems to have humbled a bit. Don’t forget he was a healthy scratch and he went about that like a grown man. He was a big part of the SB win, he had a great playoff showing (clutch), I think he still bounces for more money, like maybe Chicago or NY, and the Bucs will have to rely on the draft to bail them out. I think they are going to take that chance. But we saw how little Sneak Vaughn was used, and I have to wonder if it is because he doesn’t show anything special, he isn’t picking up the playbook, his film…could be all of it. But I’m not really sold on Vaughn at all. He really didn’t show much of anything, he’s JAG tbh. I wouldn’t mind AD on the roster to replace McCoy in that veteran spot-duty role.