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something some of you are missing should we not retain ab.

1. edelman gets open immediatley on virtually every play and thus has been brady’s #1 target in the clutch (and on virtually every down he wants to).
2. edelman and brady share a brain and brady will virtually always know where he will be before he gets there in every scenario.

ab is better than edelman yes and I hope we keep him. he’s learning to be open and available when brady needs him (more than any other receiver on the squad). i hope we retain ab.

if the pats let edelman go, i think there’s a chance we pick him up (whether we have ab or not. brady may make it so) and the bucs will be better for it.

if we lose ab, we should pick up edelman even if we have to trade for him. he wont get open as far downfield as ab as often, but he will be there for brady when no one is open and brady needs to get rid of the ball or get smashed.