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I like our receivers even without Brown. Brown is like a luxury at this point and so would Edelman. Evans and Godwin will need a lot of attention and then you still have Miller, Gronk, OJ, Tyler Johnson, Brate and whoever pass catching rb we have. Offense will be good regardless of whoever else we add. I do think we will add a couple other weapons on the cheap that we will be excited about in this offense. Could be Brown and white from the pats but if it’s someone else I think we will still be excited about it. We still haven’t added the guy who is trying to win a super bowl and we will add a guy or two like that.

ab and edelman have the change of direction and ability to read a defense in the same way brady does, and can get open within a few seconds on virtually every down (to be the emergency outlet) that the rest of our receivers do not.

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