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Hey Peter Pan, as for the masks, that problem will be solved.

Once everybody has the opportunity to get a vaccine, I’m done with wearing my mask. I have my 2nd shot next week I’m only wearing my mask because I can technically still spread Covid, and I’m wearing the mask only for the benefit of others who either haven’t or won’t get their shots such as your sorry dumb ass. But I’m not wearing that mask one second longer after they announce that everybody has had the chance to get their shots.

And you ignorant anti-maskers will get your way. You will be free from government control and let go and let God! But I’ll only make one very heartfelt request. Don’t subject your kids to your same idiocy. Get them vaccinated please! We don’t know what more serious strains are coming along. You don’t want your kids to have breathing problems or nerve issues as they grow up. Better yet, if you don’t have kids yet…..please get neutered. Thanks for listening.